Sheriff Officers retiring after 30-plus years of service

submitted by Chief Shawn Ledford, King County Sheriff’s Office

Major Pat Butschli, Captain Lance Dauber, and Captain Noel Fryberger

King County will soon lose almost 100 years of combined law enforcement experience when three Sheriff’s Office commanders begin their respective retirements. Major Pat Butschli, Captain Noel Fryberger, and Captain Lance Dauber will be hanging up their shields on April 1.

Members of the Sheriff’s Office, current and retired, as well as family, recently attended a celebration in their honor at the Lake Wilderness Lodge. All have over 30 years of service with the Sheriff’s Office and served in a variety of leadership positions throughout the organization. Their leadership, perspective and comradery will be missed by all who served with them.

Interim Sheriff Patti Cole-Tindall and Undersheriff Jesse Anderson presented retirement certificates and gifts. Many others shared stories with good memories and lots of laughs.

“We would like to thank Pat, Noel, and Lance for their dedicated service” stated Chief Shawn Ledford, “We wish them the best in their well-deserved retirement.”