Leading with Love: Meet the new co-chairs of the American Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pasifika affinity group

For the next two years, Guru Dorje (he/him) and Helen Potter (she/they), are co-leading the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pasifika (AANHP) Affinity Group.

Their vision and goals for 2023 include collectively creating and defining an American Asian Native Hawaiian Pasifika identity through discussion, debate, and learning, and determining what a collective AANHP identity feels like and looks like in practice, taking into account similarities, as well as differences. Learn more about the new co-chairs here.

The next AANHP virtual gathering will be Wednesday, Feb. 15 from 1 to 2:30 p.m. via Teams. If you are interested in getting connected to the AANHP community at King County, please reach out to the co-Chairs, Helen (hpotter@kingcounty.gov) and Guru (guru.dorje@kingcounty.gov).

Affinity groups at King County offer spaces for employees with shared identities to come together to build connection and support one another. Learn more about King County Affinity groups at www.kingcounty.gov/AffinityGroups.