County’s utility workers are like utility players in baseball

Cross-posted from Executive Services Express

Utility Workers in the Facilities Management Division (FMD) are like the county’s “utility players” on a baseball team, capable of serving in various roles or positions as needed. Their jobs aren’t related to a public utility such as power or water as you might first assume. They take care of anything not assigned to a specific trade worker, like a carpenter, electrician, or painter.

This is the team that continues to move agencies out of the Administration building and supports moves around the county. They also handle everything from landscaping to severe weather cleanup to burst pipes.

“Essentially, the biggest challenge for this group is the unforeseen,” explained Sumeet Adams, Facilities Maintenance Manager for FMD. “This team really steps up and gets the job done.” Read more.

Pictured: From left to right, Teia Tuifua, Supervisor; Utility Workers Derrick Marshall, Kevin Roberson, Rick Bonaventura, Emma Escobedo, Gabriel Serna, Jahmal Poston, Sergio Juarez-rico, Eric Smith, and Glenn Brown take a break during a move from the Administration Building.