Moving forward together: Meet Metro’s Tyler Jenicek

The many years as a skateboarder on an extreme sports touring group helps Tyler Jenicek’s (he/him) ability to serve King County residents with a higher level of mobility needs and supports. “Maybe it starts out a little slow and they’re a little scared. But then something about when they roll off their first curb or they go down their first bank or they drop in for the first time on a halfpipe, it’s like that’s kind of the adrenaline and the excitement that somehow tends to pull people in that you wouldn’t necessarily think it would grab. That’s one cool thing about skateboarding. It’s such a community driven thing.”  Read more.

More about the American Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pasifika Affinity Group

The next American Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pasifika (AANHP) virtual gathering will take place on Wednesday, May 10 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. via Teams.

If you are interested in attending this online event or getting connected to the AANHP community at King County, reach out to the co-Chairs, Helen Potter ( and Guru Dorje (

Learn more about King County Affinity groups at