Administrative Professionals Virtual Cookbook

Do you have a go-to recipe for an appetizer, side or main dish? How about a yummy dessert? 

If so, we would love to include it in the Administrative Professionals Virtual Cookbook!

Use this form to submit your recipe by Friday, Nov. 18.

New Deferred Compensation Plan limits for 2023

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently announced increased contribution limits for qualified retirement plans, which includes King County’s 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan.

For 2023, you can contribute up to $22,500 per year into your Deferred Compensation Plan. Previously, the limit was $20,500. If you are age 50 or older, you can contribute $30,000 per year; the previous limit was $27,000.

For more information, go to the Deferred Compensation Plan webpage. If you have a question about these limits and how they apply, please contact Osceola (O.C) Collier, King County Deferred Compensation Coordinator, at 206-263-9250 or KC Deferred Comp.

Safety video: Plan your trip

Our first priority is your safety and security at work, and we are continuing to partner with law enforcement, community, and other governments to ensure a safer, more welcoming environment in and around our facilities.

Here’s another tip to help you stay safe. Plan your trip ahead of time and wear clothing and shoes that are comfortable, low profile, and appropriate for the weather. Don’t carry too much and try not to carry anything in your hands. If you carry a purse, carry it close to you, and never carry a wallet in your back pocket or a jacket or sweater pocket.

Check out our video and watch for additional videos with safety tips this year.

For more information on employee safety programs and resources, check out the Future of Work Personal Safety at Work intranet page (employees only) and

Metro’s Operators of the Month

Did you know your bus driver’s artwork might be displayed on a Metro coach? Or that some of them enjoy working on cars and trucks, running, and biking? Or that they relax playing the stock market and working on taxes?

One thing is for sure: They are as unique as the people they provide transportation to every day, and all of them love driving and giving back to their community.

Meet your Operators of the Month for September and October 2022 here.

Now is the time to prioritize getting a flu shot and COVID-19 booster

With holiday gatherings around the corner, it’s important to be up to date on your flu shot and COVID-19 vaccination. King County Public Health officials are noting that respiratory viral infections have increased both locally and nationally.

Getting your flu and COVID-19 vaccines now is important to protect you and your loved ones from infection before there are further increases in local respiratory viral activity. Read more from Dr. Eric Chow, Public Health Chief of Communicable Disease Epidemiology and Immunizations.

Executive Constantine on adoption of $15.8 billion biennial King County budget: A road map to our values

King County Executive Dow Constantine released a statement after the King County Council unanimously passed a $15.8 billion biennial budget that adopts major investments in his priority areas focused on battling the climate crisis and restoring our environment, ensuring every person has a home, ensuring a community where every person is safe, and uprooting racism and racial disparities. Read the full statement here.

Ask Miss Rona: Updated COVID-19 Boosters

Ask Miss Rona is a Q&A series on Public Health’s Instagram account to respond to community questions related to different topic areas of COVID-19.

Questions about COVID-19 vaccines for babies and young children were submitted last week by King County residents and answered by subject matter experts at Public Health – Seattle & King County. Read more.

Mail Services HQ new location as of Nov. 16

Beginning Wednesday, Nov. 16 Mail Services will have new headquarters on the second floor of King Street Center. They are in the process of identifying a new hub location to serve the Chinook Building and Courthouse sometime early in the new year.

In the meantime, Mail Services will maintain occupancy (though not always staffing) at both the current Admin Mailroom (on the fourth floor of the Admin Building) and in the Chinook Mailroom, near the Chinook Building loading dock.

Mail Services assures that while much is changing, one thing that won’t change is the level of friendly, reliable mail service that customers have come to expect. They also anticipate continuing current routes and schedules, adjusting as needed, and informing customers along the way.

Please send any questions you have about the new Mail Services HQ or service delivery to Mail Services values your input and strives to deliver excellence in all they do.

Friday, Nov. 18, is the last day of the 2022 Annual Giving Drive

With more than 1,200 nonprofit organizations in the program and five ways to give, it’s fast and easy to support the causes you care about.

The Employee Giving Program would like to thank you for continuing to support causes that are important to you, such as climate change, animal welfare, and food security. It all makes a difference.

View this website for all the ways you can participate.

Vanessa Chin named chair of AAAE’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Cross-posted from Plane Talk

Vanessa Chin has been selected as the Chair of the Northwest Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives’ (AAAE) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE and I) Committee. Vanessa is Business Information Management Manager at King County International Airport.

“My whole goal in serving as the chair of the DE and I committee is to establish the human and foundational work of equity and social justice and apply that at the Northwest AAAE,” Chin said. Read more.