Facilities Management Division goes deep for employee survey, focuses on language, access and privacy

Judy Hairston, Customer Relations and Employee Engagement Manager, wants to make direct contact with all 324 employees in the Facilities Management Division (FMD) during the employee survey period. It’s important to her because she wants people to know she is accountable to them in her new role overseeing employee engagement. “I know people have concerns about confidentiality and follow-up and I think being able to see my face and ask me questions helps.” This is no easy task in a 24/7 operation, but FMD’s team of three is committed to improving on… Read More

Employee survey participation continues to grow, nearing 50 percent in some departments

The 2016 Employee Survey, open until Friday, October 21, continues to gain responses, with some departments nearing 50 percent. View the data on the survey website to find out how your department is doing. As a reminder, King County is committed to increasing equity, fairness, opportunity and social justice in all we do.  This includes equity in our employee experiences.  We are asking for you to complete demographic questions so that we can learn whether employees with different backgrounds and characteristics have significantly different work experiences at King County. This information will… Read More

The 2016 Bridge Fellowship experience challenges employees to grow up and out

The King County Bridge Fellowship is a 16-week professional development program that expands participants’ mindsets, strengthens current competencies, and helps participants develop new skills. The Fellowship, open to all full-time and TLT employees, was reestablished in 2013-2014 by King County Executive Dow Constantine. Bridge Fellows participated in a rigorous application and interview process before joining this year’s cohort. The program is supported by the Learning and Development Team in the Department of Executive Services and is led by Debra Baker. Together they have created a rich course that encourages participants to explore… Read More

King County leaders discuss 2016 Employee Survey

The 2016 King County Employee Survey is now underway, and we’ve been asking some County leaders why the survey is important to them and their employees, and how they will act on the results. In this first video, we talk to Caroline Whalen, Director of the Department of Executive Services, Harold Taniguchi, Director of the Department of Transportation, Commander William Hayes, Director of the Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention, and John Wilson, the King County Assessor. Watch the video by clicking the image below (captions coming soon).

Track department results of 2016 Employee Survey

The King County employee survey is now underway through Friday, October 21. Track how well your department is participating by checking out the data on the survey website. Surveys were emailed to most employees from 2016KCEmployeeSurvey@orcsurvey.com on Monday, Sept. 26. The email is unique to each employee and cannot be forwarded to others. If you did not receive a survey email, please contact KCEmployeeSurvey@kingcounty.gov. Please note your responses are completely anonymous to King County and the consultant only shares analyzed results, never individual responses. The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete and can be taken during… Read More


Three work groups have already reached 100 percent participation! In DNRP: Water and Land’s Science and Technical Support Group has a Science and Admin work group that got there day one The Continuous Improvement Team in Performance Strategy and Budget in the Executive’s Office In HRD the Comp and Employment Group. In HRD, Director Susie Slonecker is treating Comp and Employment to lunch. Go teams!!

KCIT uses 2015 survey results to empower employees through career exploration

One of the three key areas that came out of the 2015 King County Employee Survey was the need for career development. Employees were eager for training to improve their skills and for opportunities to advance in their careers. It is with this in mind that King County’s Department of Information Technology (KCIT) formed its Employee Engagement Committee (EEC), to help create ways to improve the employee experience, and give each person the skills needed to advance their career. With members from different KCIT teams and units, the EEC is able to… Read More

Survey is Underway!

The survey officially launched yesterday. Links to the electronic version were distributed via email over several hours and distribution of paper copies began at work sites as far North as Shoreline, as far East as Bellevue and as far South as Maple Valley. Wondering if it makes a difference to take the survey? Our leaders think so. In this video they discuss how they responded to what employees said in the survey. They speak authentically about what they learned, what they did and how they hold themselves accountable for results.

Email to participate in 2016 Employee Survey

On Monday, September. 26, you will receive an email from 2016KCEmployeeSurvey@orcsurvey.com with the subject line “King County Employee Survey – 2016” inviting you to participate in the King County 2016 Employee Survey. It will look similar to the example email pictured below: This year’s survey is open from September 26 through October 21, 2016. The survey should take about 15 minutes and can be completed during working hours. Your responses are totally confidential and cannot be traced back to you. The survey link cannot be forwarded to coworkers because each survey link is… Read More

Employees change work environment, open up to new opportunities

Photo by Paul Israel Working with strong personalities can be challenging, especially when they’re all on the same team. To help create understanding and better work flow, it’s important to recognize what is impacting the group dynamics and address these concerns directly. One construction crew in the Parks and Recreation Division of King County DNRP is taking on this challenge, working to improve the culture for themselves and build a better, more efficient work environment. Aaron Hall, the supervisor for this group, worked with staff after the 2015 King County Employee Survey… Read More