Healthy Incentives focuses on education at Express Market

Lindsey Hoeft shows a picture to explain what a kohlrabi is to Express Market goers.

Lindsey Hoeft shows a picture to explain what a kohlrabi is to Express Market goers.

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This week’s recipe featured produce from Neng Farms and Hayton Farms.

The Healthy Incentives team knows health is more than just achieving bronze, silver or gold.

“We care about people’s health overall, not just having them get to gold,” Lindsey Hoeft, a Healthy Incentives health educator said.

One way Healthy Incentives is promoting overall health is by having a booth at the Seattle City Hall Pike Place Express Market this summer.

“A lot of our King County Employees visit the market, so we thought this would be a good way to get people to try some new things and promote the fresh, local produce,” Hoeft said.

Each week, the Healthy Incentives booth features a new recipe that incorporates ingredients bought at the Express Market. The Express Market is open every Tuesday this summer from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“I’m hoping people will try some new things, purchase them and take them home to their families. Our first week we did asparagus salad and ended up selling out,” Hoeft said.

Hoeft, who is a registered dietitian, creates, or adapts from other sources, the recipes showcased at the booth. While at the booth, she can answer questions about general nutrition as well.

This past Tuesday Hoeft made a blackberry and kohlrabi (a type of cabbage) salad.

“I’m going to try and highlight things people might not have had before and prepare them in different ways,” Hoeft said.

Hoeft advises Express Market goers to also ask the vendors about different ways to prepare produce.

“The vendors have a lot of ideas of how to prepare things. They’re not just there to sell; they know their products best and oftentimes have good recipe ideas.

For the weekly recipe featured at the Healthy Incentives booth, visit the Healthy Incentives’ blog.