Project RAMPART saving lives with AEDs

The city of Duvall is now better equipped to respond to cardiac arrest calls thanks to Public Health’s Project RAMPART.

Project RAMPART, an acronym for Regional Approach to Municipal Public Registry and Training, provides funding to cities within King County to purchase Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and train employees on how to use them. The project falls under Public Health – Seattle & King County’s Emergency Medical Services Division (EMS) and is funded by the EMS Levy.

Duvall Police Department recently received two AEDs under Project RAMPART—one AED for their office and the other for a patrol car.

Duvall PDAll Fire Department first responders have AEDs in their vehicles, but not all police responders do. With Project RAMPART’s efforts, more places and vehicles are equipped with AEDs and are contributing to a 62% survival rate of witnessed sudden cardiac arrest within King County—the highest rate in the world.

“The purpose is to get AEDs in public facilities and to increase community awareness,” said Anne Curtis, a Public Health Program Manager who manages Project RAMPART.Currently 23 cities in King County outside of Seattle participate in Project RAMPART.

Any public facility, business or individual with an AED is required by Washington Law to register their AED. However, Curtis says not many people know it’s a law. The EMS Division’s campaign, “Shockingly Simple.,” aims to get AEDs registered within the community. The Campaign also promotes how easy AEDs are for the public to use.

“[Shockingly Simple] promotes awareness of AEDs in communities and tries to get businesses to purchase, place and register them in high traffic areas, like shopping centers and worksites,” Curtis said.

When an AED is registered, it allows an emergency dispatcher to direct a person to the nearest AED. The sooner an AED is used for someone suffering a sudden cardiac arrest, the more likely they are to survive.

For more information or to register an AED, click here.

Photo: Duvall Police Departments Officer Sabourin and Officer Eaton show the new unit that will be carried on patrol. Courtesy Duvall Police Department.