Transitional Duty Program a win-win for employees and King County

When an employee gets injured at work, returning to their job can sometimes be difficult.

That’s where King County’s Transitional Duty Assignment Program comes in. The TDA program helps employees who aren’t medically ready to return to their regular jobs because of temporary medical restrictions. A TDA helps employees get back into a work routine through short-term, temporary work assignments.

The TDA program, managed by Human Resources Division’s Safety and Claims, partners with work groups throughout King County to identify short-term work assignments that can be performed by employees with temporary medical restrictions. There is always a need for placement within the County. Employees in the program undertake administrative work, customer service, data entry, E-file management, scanning projects, surveys, phone work and other short terms projects lasting from a week to a maximum of six months. Injured workers participating in the TDA program earn vacation and sick days on top of being paid through their home departments. There is no cost for the receiving Department to host a TDA worker.

“Pleased supervisors typically note that they are surprised at the level of knowledge their TDA workers have. They are also comfortable working with me in finding the appropriate person for their tasks if a referral is not able to complete the scope of work needed,” said Aliza Hauser the TDA coordinator.

To qualify for transitional duty, an employee must receive temporary medical restriction from a doctor, have it determined that the medical restrictions make the employee unable to perform one or more essential functions of their regular job and their department participates in the program.

After all criteria are met, employees get strategically placed based off of the project and the employee’s particular skills. All the supervisor has to do is manage their time sheets and communicate with the TDA coordinator.

“It surely is a win – win. As a TDA supervisor myself, my website would still be in a disarray,” Hauser said.

In the past year, employees participating in the Transitional Duty Assignment Program were able to complete a combined 8,851 days of work and save King County more than $2 million in project costs.

The main goal of the TDA program is to help employees with temporary medical restrictions return to their regular County positions faster and provide them with a support system by keeping them connected to King County. Research has shown that the longer an employee is off work, the less likely they are to return to there regular job. So, typically an employee participating in the TDA program returns to their job of Injury faster. To request for a TDA employee, click here. For questions, contact TDA Coordinator Aliza Hauser at