Employee uses Zumba to help employees get in shape

At a Seattle Storm basketball game, 80 Zumba instructors performed for the half time show. Sitting in the crowd, Lilian Yetter thought that might be something she’d want to try.

Lilian Yetter

Lilian Yetter

“They were looking like they had so much fun. One lady I focused on out of the 80 instructors out there had this big smile on her face, and I was watching her thinking, ‘wow, this is really cool,’” Yetter said.

So Yetter joined a local gym to learn Zumba, and was greeted by none other than the Zumba instructor with the big smile. A year later Yetter was out at the Key Arena dancing Zumba at half time.

Yetter, who works at King County as a Fiscal Specialist for the property tax section in the Department of Executive Services, has been a certified Zumba instructor for two years and teaches free Zumba classes for King County employees every Wednesday and Friday during her lunch break.

To get certified as a Zumba instructor, Yetter flew down to Hollywood and participated in an all-day Zumba certification class.

“There’s lots of dancing, so you get a good work out,” Yetter said.

Soon after she got back, she started up her Zumba classes at King County.

“The kickboxing instructor, Mary Conrad, encouraged me to start my class right away. So basically I only had a few weeks to get my class going,” Yetter said. “There were people waiting to participate in the class.”

zumba class

Usually her Zumba classes are held in the Chinook building’s Activity Center (on Level A in the Northeast corner of the building), but for the past two summers she has been able to hold some classes outside on the Administrative building’s plaza. The first year she did an outdoor class she had anywhere from 10-30 people participating.

“It’s good exercise for me and also for the employees of King County,” Yetter said.

Yetter’s Zumba schedule can be found in Outlook’s shared calendars under the name RR, NCOB Group Exercise Rm. To participate in the Zumba class complete this waiver and contact Lilian Yetter at Lilian.Yetter@kingcounty.gov.