Chrissy Russillo selected as Interim Director of Human Resources Division

chrissy-russilloChrissy Russillo has been selected as the Interim Director of the Human Resources Division, effective December 30, 2016.

Chrissy is filling a temporary vacancy at the Human Resources Division resulting from the departure of Nancy Buonanno Grennan who will be returning to Kitsap County to take the helm as Human Resources Director. Susie Slonecker provided exceptional leadership and dedication as the interim HR Director for the past eight months, is returning to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Chrissy has been with King County since 2010, having previously served as Chief of Staff for the Department of Public Health. In September 2014, Chrissy joined the Human Resources Division as Interim Deputy Director. Since 2015, Chrissy has served as the Project Director for Best Run Government: Employees, one of Executive Dow Constantine’s top priorities. She is known for her ability to work collaboratively across the County in service to our employees and the people of King County.

Chrissy brings the experience to provide seamless customer service as we conduct a formal, national recruitment to fill the permanent position.