Retirement means no coffee breaks for this outgoing employee

FINALWhen most people retire they plan a big trip or some time to relax, but not outgoing Educator Consultant Chuck Davis. With his 27 years of change management and organizational development work under his belt, he is looking forward to channeling his passion into a private consulting practice.

“I’ve learned and grown and matured while with the County, and I brought a certain skill set to my position, so this opportunity will be a nice marriage of the two,” he said. “I worked with employees to be more effective as a team, and I’m going to continue doing the same outside of the County because that’s my passion. I love doing it.”

Using his background in psychology and human systems and working closely with other staff, Chuck has been able to develop effective trainings and classes including a Train-the-Trainer Academy and an Organizational Development Certificate Program. He considers his pride and joy to be a collaborative project with Cyndi Schaeffer, current Chief of Staff for Public Health – Seattle & King County, to create the intense four day Leadership Academy.

“In the last two years we’ve had over 2,000 people go through this training,” he said. “And because we work with community partners this has included County employees, other government agencies and some nonprofit organizations.”

Chuck has also led multiple conflict trainings and notes the importance of valuing each person for their differences.

“It’s about respecting people,” he said. “Out of the gate everybody deserves an equal amount of respect.”

While his work can sometimes be difficult to describe, Chuck simply explains it as putting the needs of County employees as a top priority.

“I know it sounds hokey, but over the course of my career if I helped teams and individuals at King County learn to work more effectively and enjoy coming to work, then it was all worth it.”

When not pursuing his consulting practice, Chuck plans to fill his free time with nature and landscape photography, as well as fishing.