Save the Date! KCIT Presents Hands on Technology Day – April 13 at the Chinook Building

HOT posterOur most popular event of the year

Want to see the new County laptops? Get your Skype photo taken AND import it into your Skype account? Learn how to go paperless? These are just some of the 10 stations (and dedicated Service Desk teams) at KCIT’s Hands on Technology Day, April 13 from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. in the Chinook Atrium.  

KCIT teams spend the entire afternoon explaining, showing and fixing!

Skype for Business Tips and Tricks: 30 minute in-person (and via Skype) tutorials. Session One: Set up a meeting for internal and external customers. Session Two: Call forwarding, team calling and Skype mobile. Session Three: Skype “How To” includes loading a picture, volume control, ring controls and various device settings. This is one of our most popular events.

SharePoint, CRM and Electronic Documents Management Service: Save money by going paperless! Save frustration and time with online collaboration! Learn how tech tools available right now will help your teams be more effective at a lower cost.

Self Service Account Management (NEW!): Reset passwords without contacting the Service Desk. Sign up to use ONE network login for the county computer AND PeopleSoft. Teams will sign you up on site.

Syncing Multiple Devices: KCIT experts will sync your laptop, phone, tablet and other devices.

What’s New in Tech: Test drive the newest smartphones, laptops, iPads and tablets available now and early 2017.

GIS: Talk to our nationally recognized GIS teams about your business challenges. Learn how you can use GIS tools and your data to refine it into actionable information for better business decisions. GIS is a critical foundation for Best Run Governments, ESJ, Confronting Climate Change and Improving Regional Mobility.

Business Analysis: Good projects have solid, data-driven foundations. The KCIT Business Analytics teams will help get your arms around tech solutions to make the necessary metrics easy.

Service Desk: Help Ticket still open? Need help connecting to AnyConnect before SSL VPN or GoToMyPC retires! Bring your tablets, Smart Phones, laptops, phones, keyboards and questions to our fully staffed on-site Service Desk. One day only – they’ll fix everything on site!

Strategic Direction: KCIT Chief Information Office, Bill Kehoe, delivers two 20-minute strategy sessions to showcase the full scope of KCIT’s solutions. See where the industry is going and how your agency, department and you will stay ahead using technology.

Experts will be available for one on one discussions and support teams will be available to make future calendar appointments.

Questions? Email Jamie Holter