Data-Driven Justice Community Workshop at the White House

White_House_DCShared from the DCHS Touching Base Newsletter

Adrienne Quinn, Director of the Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS), Jesse Benet, DCHS Diversion and Reentry Coordinator, and Cindy Spain, United Healthcare (Managed Care Organization – WA Apple Health provider), attended a day-long convening at the White House called Data-Driven Justice Community Workshop on June 13. Fifty-five counties and seven states were represented at the event, each sending human services leadership, police chiefs, commissioners/judges, and diversion and reentry subject matter experts to discuss the intersection of data science with intentional diversion practices to support the more than 11 million individuals churning through U.S. jails each year.

Attendees broke out into several workgroups to focus on the following topics, rotating throughout the day:

  • Creating pre-arrest diversion protocols
  • Data exchange
  • Divert to what.

Our King County delegation shared materials about the Familiar Faces Transformation systems mapping and design work. They discussed coordination and Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) frameworks for Familiar Faces and the integration of LEAD with Crisis Intervention Training; the importance of harm reduction in all approaches (vs. compliance models); and the vital need to address homelessness and attend to housing as a center point to diversion and reentry planning. They also shared the work one of our Medicaid managed-care organizations is leading in implementing jail reentry care coordination.

Other jurisdictions were very interested in King County’s innovative and transformation work in Familiar faces and with LEAD. The level of planning and innovation taking place in King County is clearly at the forefront nationally, so kudos to everyone involved in DCHS for leading the way!

To learn more about what DCHS is doing in our community, read the most recent issue of the Touching Base Newsletter (on SharePoint).