Public Health’s hidden gem

Dear fellow King County employee,

Sometimes things of great value are hidden in plain sight. That was my sense on Tuesday, July 12 when I had the pleasure of a short drop-in to visit with our employees at the Downtown Public Health Clinic at Fourth and Blanchard in Belltown. Despite the short time available, it didn’t take long to see the dedication and hard work of our committed Public Health staff up close.

The site is actually several clinics in one, with staff and services tailored for the needs of specific communities, including the Refugee Clinic, the Family Health Clinic, the Dental Clinic, and the downtown Needle Exchange program. The clinic is also right on a bus line, providing ease of access for residents and employees.

Meeting county employees and seeing their service to our residents in action is one of the best parts of my job, and I had the pleasure of speaking with several staff members who spend their days or nights caring for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

It was also good to see the employee engagement work that staff and managers have done at the Downtown Public Health Clinic. Employees said it makes a big difference in their day when they see or hear department and county leaders acknowledging the value of their work.

It was clear that supporting employees has had a direct and positive impact on the work that they do for their clients. The efforts of staff here and their lessons learned should encourage other departments countywide as they work on employee engagement.

By the end of my visit, I was inspired and humbled by the dedicated and professional staff. What they do day in and day out makes a real difference in the quality of life for some of the King County residents who need it the most. It is equity in action, and I look forward to future visits.


Dow Signature

Dow Constantine

King County Executive