Removing barriers from job posting increases opportunities

Access to career advancement opportunities was a key theme in last year’s Employee Survey, with only 50 percent of employees saying they were satisfied with opportunities to achieve their career goals.

One way that King County is making job opportunities accessible to more employees is by removing unnecessary minimum qualifications from job postings.

job-announcements“Shifting the focus from an education-based approach to a skills- and experience-based one “screens in” more applicants who have the skills to be successful in a role but don’t have a degree or certification that really isn’t needed,” said Susie Slonecker, Interim Director of Human Resources Division.

This process will be an ongoing, long-term effort that will help remove barriers to obtaining employment with King County, broaden the pool of qualified talent, and increase internal movement by creating opportunities for employees to be more competitive.

Some County positions will still require degrees, licenses or accreditations but where an education level is not necessary attribute for a job, the County is removing these requirements.

Elimination of barriers to recruitment and promotion by shifting the hiring process to focus on core attributes rather than unnecessary education and experience requirements is one of the priorities in the 2016-2022 Equity and Social Justice Strategic Plan.

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