Up-close and personal with Airport director Randy Berg

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randall-bergThanks to the Puget Sound Business Journal, aviation writer Andrew McIntosh, and photographer Anthony Bolante for their up-close and personal look (sign-in required to read the full interview) at our new Airport Director, Randy Berg in the November 18 issue.

Andrew and Anthony sat down with Randy last month, and drew out Randy’s story of coming full circle from his first career job 40 years ago at the Auburn Municipal Airport, and his very first job in high school as a “gas boy” at the Van Nuys Airport in Southern California.

“I met famous entertainers and politicians who owned airplanes in the L.A. basin. You’d get a chance to talk with them. My uncle was also a pilot, mechanic and retired Federal Aviation Administration executive. When I look back at my career, it was the most fun I had. To this day, I look out my window and watch people on the ramp, especially in pouring rain, and my heart still goes out to them.”

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