Changes for offices of Civil Rights, Risk Management and ESJ

The Civil Rights Program within the Department of Executive Services (DES) will be moving to the Equity and Social Justice Office.  Board and Commission support will also be in the Executive’s Office.  The Public Records Program, King County Investigation and Resolution Office (KCIRO), and the Ethics Program and Board of Ethics will join the Office of Risk Management.  With this change comes a new name for the combined office in DES: “The Office of Risk Management Services.” This new combination represents the new public records, ethics, and investigations services offered.

Some benefits to this merger include improved communications, decision making and investigations, opportunities for cross-training and best practice sharing, as well as improved early intervention and information gathering and improved awareness and engagement concerning the potential impacts of risks.

Both the Executive’s Office and the Office of Risk Management Services are excited to begin the new year with these positive changes.  For more information contact Jennifer Hills or Kelli Williams.