King County, City of Maple Valley partner to invest in clean water and community

wtd-20160708-216th-ave-mws_install-2The City of Maple Valley recently completed one of the 26 projects funded in part by the County’s most recent Water Quality Improvements Projects grant package. The project significantly reduces contaminated stormwater runoff from 216th Avenue Southeast, a busy arterial, into local salmon creeks.

“Improving water quality is good for both King County residents and the environment,” said Councilmember Reagan Dunn, who has been looking forward to seeing the results.

In addition to the installation of curbs, gutters and permeable landscaped medians, those results include using four modular wetland systems, a type of green stormwater infrastructure, to collect and treat surface water and reduce the amount pollutants flowing into Cranmar Creek – a tributary of Jenkins Creek. Both creeks provide critical habitat for Coho salmon smolt.

wtd-water-quality-improvement-projects-maple-valley“These modular wetlands are designed to filter out 80% of the sediment that normally wash straight into nearby waterbodies,” said Elizabeth Louden, WaterWorks Grant Administrator with DNRP’s Wastewater Treatment Division. “We’re pleased this grant made a difference, and the City of Maple Valley could make a significant improvement to local creeks.”

For more information on this project, including before-and-after photos, visit the City of Maple Valley’s Capital Improvement Projects site.

wtd-20160708-216th-ave-mws_unit-2King County Wastewater Treatment Division’s mission is to protect public health and enhance the environment by collecting and treating wastewater while recycling valuable resources for the Puget Sound region. Wastewater Treatment funds are used to support projects that improve water quality and invest in community partnerships. Funds are awarded directly by Council through the WaterWorks Grant Program for the 26 Water Quality Improvements Projects.  For more information, contact Elizabeth at 206-477-4297 or