The changing face of Capital Project Management

Crossposted from Clean Water Stories

King County Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) is facing the same workforce challenges that confront many clean water utilities across the United States.  Hard working senior employees throughout our organization are retiring. We need to recruit new employees and help them onboard to a career protecting public health and our environment.

The passage of the Clean Water Act in 1972 sparked the beginning of many wastewater careers.  A costly and damaging fire on the Cuyahoga River in Ohio triggered an amendment of the 1948 Federal Water Pollution Control Act. The amendment, known as the Clean Water Act, included requirements and construction grants to build treatment facilities across the United States.  Even after construction grants were phased out in 1987, wastewater systems continue to be expanded and upgraded to serve growing populations of people increasingly aware of environmental issues.

Many of WTD’s most experienced people- about 45% of our workforce- began their careers during the height of that infrastructure boom and are eligible for retirement within the next five years.

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