New naming conventions at King County  

King County is changing the way new employees access King County systems. We have changed the login standards for various email-based systems to move toward a single, universal sign on. A single, universal sign on is simpler to remember, easier to automate new account creation and increases the county’s ability to protect against phishing, scams and other cyberthreats.

What will it look like? Whether you sign into your PC or email, it will be first letter of first name plus last name. For Juan Hernandez it will be: jhernandez to sign into the PC, laptop, all work stations, and eventually PeopleSoft and the email is It will NOT be Hernandezj or HernanJ or any other combination. Simply jhernandez.

Does this affect all employees? This only affects new employees. Current employees will continue to use the existing naming conventions for the time being.

Standard and Exceptions – There will be exceptions, of course, for employees who use an alternate name to their first legal name, or duplicate names. We have a process in place for these exceptions.

Why are you telling me this? This affects how people contact you and the email on new business cards. Employees who joined the county Feb. 1, 2017 and after have the new naming standard.  

Questions? Contact Jamie Holter (old employee) at