Meet a “do-it-all” nurse, with a special passion for social justice

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Tina Maestas, Public Health Nurse, as photographed by one of her clients at the Renton CSO.

Last week for National Public Health Week (April 3-7), the Public Health Insider featured unsung public health heroes who make our communities safer and healthier. Each day, they highlighted a public health worker through their own words, sharing their work and why they’re committed to serving our community.

Tina Maestas, who serves as a Public Health Nurse based in Renton, is one of seven Public Health Nurses whose office is located inside a “CSO” – a state office where people can apply for assistance with cash, food, child support, disability, and other services.

The CSO nurse’s office is strategically located so that people who come to enroll in state programs find one-stop-shopping, where they also can easily get pregnancy tests, STD tests, birth control, referrals to medical and dental care, and more.

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