RALS Leadership Fellowship opportunity  

The Department of Executive Services, Records & Licensing Services (RALS) is announcing the Leadership Fellowship Opportunity, an effort to create a culture that develops the next generation of leaders and nurture an empowered workforce.

The Leadership Fellowship opportunity will be for two six-month fellowships (Special Duty Assignment) to two Career Service employees. The first fellowship will start in July 2017 and the second fellowship will start in January 2018. It is open to all Career Service Employees who have a salary range of 65 or higher (or equivalent). To check salary information using PeopleSoft Self Service click here.

Selected individuals will have a rigorous and customized leadership development plan which will include; mastering leadership skills including Operations, Human Resources, Finance and Organizational Development.

Applications will be accepted beginning Monday, May 8 through Sunday, May 21. Please apply online at www.kingcounty.gov/jobs. A completed King County Application and a PDF statement of no more than 750 words is required. This statement should reflect a personal interest in the fellowship and how the employee’s background and areas for development make them the ideal candidate. No resumes or additional materials are needed.

For more information, view the job posting. For questions, please contact Robert James at 206-263-9414 or robert.james@kingcounty.gov.