Website planning in a mobile-responsive era  

 As more people turn to their mobile devices to access King County information, departments are working to ensure their web content is mobile responsive and user friendly.  

While desktop users still account for the majority of visits, mobile visits to King County’s website now account for 43% of all traffic.   

“The ability of our King County employees and residents to access County information and services at any time with any device is the future and the future is now,” said Bill Kehoe, King County Chief Information Officer.  

Two of the most popular webpages are the Department of Assessments’ eReal Property page to get information on properties and Metro Transit’s page to look up itineraries and plan trips. Top search phrases include “King County Jobs” and “King County Jail.” 

King County uses this data to develop even more user-friendly websites and provide a seamless experience with an aesthetically pleasing layout and easy-to-find content via mobile devices. It’s one more way that we are working to become the best-run government. 

“Our IT strategic goals are focused on engaging our residents with their government in new ways that provide fast and accurate information,” Kehoe said.