New Director’s learning curve becomes a mountain 

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Anyone who’s ever started a new job knows there can be a lot to learn for the first few months – or even year. When you tackle the learning curve, you have to learn a lot of new faces and names, procedures, and most importantly, your responsibilities.

Mark Isaacson had a head start when he was hired as Director of King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) in October 2016. Mark knew what it was like to work in the County on clean water and environmental issues. Previously, Mark spent 11 years as the Director of the Water and Land Resources Division. He had even worked in WTD in the late 90s, spearheading an employee idea program.

Even though Mark was familiar with WTD’s business, he knew learning all the ins and outs would be a challenge – but it was one that he was excited about.

It can be challenging to learn “what we do” at our large, regional utility, because there’s so many things we do – and many facilities and projects in our system. WTD employees work in a wide variety of jobs – often technical and complex.

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