Walkpools, stepping in a safer direction

The hustle and bustle of vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists in and around our worksites is an everyday reminder that King County employees’ safety should not be overlooked.

Safety Labor/Management Committee member GIS Specialist Gunnar Goerlitz is spearheading the coordination of Employee Transportation Program (ETP) Walkpool, a new buddy-up initiative that helps organize employees in numbers.

“King County employees, we’ve been listening! Some of you have said you’d feel more comfortable walking to and from work with a buddy or two,” Gunnar said. “The ETP Walkpool option intends specifically to address employee safety and security concerns en route between their workplace and their train or bus commute option.”


From Left to Right: Tim Drangsholt, Asher Rosebrook, Gunnar Goerlitz, Karen Estevenin and Taryn Russo

Walkpools are a great option for long distance walkers, early starters and late stayers, or just for navigating crowded bus or train stations.

With access to WSDOT’s well-established pooling signup engine, King County employees can get started by creating an account at www.RideshareOnline.com.

Here’s how it works: Simply create an account (sign in if you already have one) and “add a trip” in your Ride Match / My Trips section. Instead of using your home and work address, enter where you would be walking from (for example, from King Street Station to the Chinook Building) and select ‘Walk’ as your preferred travel mode. Happy walking!

“Some King County employees would dearly like to find someone they can walkpool with on the walking leg of their daily commute strictly for safety in numbers,” Gunnar said. “That’s what our Walkpool initiative seeks to facilitate.” Click here to get more information.