Featured Job: Family Planning Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner  

Closing date/time: Continuous

Salary: $38.61 – $54.34 Hourly

Job type: Career Service

Location: Kent Public Health at East Hill, Washington

Department: Department of Public Health–Community Health Services

The Kent Public Health Family Planning Clinic is looking for a skilled, motivated and enthusiastic ARNP who is committed to serving men, women and teens to provide high quality sexual and reproductive health and education services.

Family Planning ARNP’s work with a multi-disciplinary health care team to provide care and treatment in various clinics.

The ARNP works in the ambulatory care setting integrating knowledge and data from many scientific frameworks to provide care to individuals on an independent basis. The ARNP body of work is distinguished from other nursing classifications in that the incumbent is responsible for medical management of health conditions including prescribing and dispensing medications. Additionally, the incumbent will be working in Family Planning and STD (male and female).

Contact: For questions, please contact Amy Curtis, Nursing Recruiter. She can be reached at amy.curtis@kingcounty.gov or at (206) 263-8358.

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