Featured Job: Technical Services Manager 

Closing Date/Time: Mon. 11/13/17 11:59 PM Pacific Time 

Salary: $90,521.60 – $114,753.60 Annually  

Job Type: Civil Service, Full Time, 40/hrs Wk 

Location: Regional Communications & Emergency Coordination Center (RCECC) – 3511 NE 2nd St, Renton, Washington 

Department: King County Sheriff’s Office 

Description: The King County Sheriff’s Office is inviting stand out candidates who excel at provide strategic IT vision, support and management intermingled with facility operations for our 911 communications center in Renton, WA.  This key player will provide oversight, leadership and management of all technical systems, not to mention the responsibility of facility management for the entire Communications Center.  As the leader of a superstar team of three, will be working on contracts, policies, and budget/vendor management. This position is a civil service position, for information regarding King County Civil Service Rules, go to Civil Service Rules. 

Contact: For more information contact Brittany Hagen Crosser at 206-477-4035 or  Brittany.Hagencrosser@kingcounty.gov. 

Learn more about this position, or view all available jobs 

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