Technology helps employees succeed on Day One 

King County wants new employees to have everything they need to get to work on day one. To make that happen, King County Information Technology, Human Resources Division and Business Resource Center partnered to integrate the County’s PeopleSoft system with our new process called Digital ID.  

This new process ensures new employees have their IT equipment, access (workstation login, email account, Skype etc), feel welcome and productive, on day one. 

Here’s how it works: once an offer is accepted, the new employee is entered into PeopleSoft.  This information triggers teams at KCIT to deliver a work station with a network account, email, Skype credentials ready for the first day of work. Similarly, when an employee leaves County service and employment status is updated in PeopleSoft, access to all accounts is immediately terminated.  

“First impressions are important and research shows 86 percent of employees decide whether they’ll stay at their current place of employment based on how they’re treated in the first 90 days,” said Tanya Hannah, Interim Chief Information Officer. “KCIT is part of that welcome team. We want technology to be seamless, working and ready to go.”  

This process also saves money and time by freeing up three FTEs who can now focus on more complex IT issues instead of the steady stream of Help Tickets associated with onboarding new employees.  

“This phase of Digital ID is just the first step,” added Hannah. “We look forward to delivering more of this type of automation at a faster pace in 2018 to improve the customer experience and deliver systems that are more reliable and more secure.”