KCIT PC rollout using ‘high touch’ approach 

Responding to employee feedback, KCIT recently deployed new, Windows 10 PCs using a ‘high touch’ customer service approach with Fleet Division work teams to ensure that employees are using the right tools, the right way from day one. 

IT Enterprise Manager Charlie Bozonier leads various teams who support digital transformation.  

Charlie said that employee workstations and laptops are now equipped with tools like Office 365 and OneDrive, “capabilities that they might not know how to use or would’ve had to discover by themselves had not someone helped them out.” 

KCIT coordinated the delivery of the new systems with trainers being onsite and ready to help Fleet employees start learning how to use the software. KCIT also develops in-classroom modules to teach staff some of the more powerful parts of the software. 

KCIT is working to provide County employees with tailored training sessions to enhance their systems knowledge and to improve their workplace productivity.  

With thousands of employees soon to get Windows 10 machines, KCIT is going to keep providing ‘high touch’ training sessions for teams looking to explore the new capabilities within the software to enhance their workflows. 

Custom training allows for the support of Lean process work that the business has already invested in.  “We do a good job of understanding what their new processes are going to be, and then we build the training to meet their specific processes,” Charlie said. 

Trainings where KCIT invests 3-4 hours specifically to a workflow is reasonably priced. SharePoint beginner and intermediate classes – free trainings through KCIT – are another response to employee requests for technology assistance. 

The goal for successful training is that employees are completely comfortable with their technology tools by the end of their session.   

Training opportunities are available to employees and teams looking to improve their day-to-day workflow processes or wanting to learn new software to enhance their productivity with Windows 10.  

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