Featured Job: Personal Recognizance Investigator 

Closing Date/Time: Sun. 01/21/18 11:59 PM Pacific Time 

Salary: $32.54 – $41.24 Hourly, $67,683.20 – $85,779.20 Annually  

Job Type: Career Service, Full Time, 40 hrs/week 

Location: King County Correctional Facility – Downtown Seattle or Maleng Regional Justice Center – Kent, Washington 

Department: Department of Adult & Juvenile Detention 

Description: Incumbent will work within the secure perimeter of an adult detention facility and will have direct contact with the inmate population. Duties include conducting one-to-one interviews with persons who have been newly booked into jail to determine release eligibility and make appropriate program and release recommendations. Staff works collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders including inmate references and agencies. Screening/intake interviews are conducted within the booking area and inmate housing areas of the correctional facility, and entails working with a diverse population of inmates, departments and court personnel. Duties are performed within adult detention facilities which are secure facility environments requiring the ability to navigate ramps, narrow hallways, opening and closing heavy doors and working in confined areas. Population includes potentially volatile individuals with emotional, mental health, and alcohol and/or substance abuse related problems. 

Contact: For more information contact Kristen Jones at 206-477-1624 or Kristen.Jones@kingcounty.gov. 

Learn more about this position, or view all available jobs.     

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