Puget Sound Engineering Council names King County employee 2018 Government Engineer of the Year

Pictured: Wastewater Mechanical Engineer Lead Jeff Lundt

On Feb. 3, the Puget Sound Engineering Council honored Wastewater Mechanical Engineer Lead, Jeff Lundt as the 2018 Government Engineer of the Year. Jeff is in the Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Wastewater Treatment Division. 

Jeff was recognized for his many contributions to improving the region’s wastewater infrastructure. His dedication and tireless efforts in providing training for professionals in all areas of water and wastewater treatment have benefited thousands, ensuring operators and engineers understand and are informed of best practices, current trend in the industry, fundamental concepts and new technologies so utilities can – now and in the future – have the staff and knowledge to keep our waterways clean and our drinking water safe. Jeff’s contributions toward advancing Wastewater Treatment Division’s mission are much appreciated. Congratulations Jeff on this wonderful achievement!