Help your favorite nonprofit meet the April 25 Employee Giving Program application deadline

Your favorite nonprofit organizations have until April 25 to apply to be in the King County Employee Giving Program (EGP) for the upcoming year, which will allow you to support them during the Annual Giving Drive and other EGP opportunities.

Now is the time to make sure they get into the Employee Giving Program!

Once they are in, there are so many ways you can help them during the Annual Giving Drive, including:

  • Giving through payroll, time, check or credit card.
  • Sharing your story.
  • Inviting them in to speak.
  • Hosting a special event for them.

Not only are there great benefits for you – you can also help your organization out by being a champion and telling others about their great work.

egp hands

The EGP is accepting nonprofit applications until April 25, 2018, to be in the upcoming 2018 Annual Giving Drive. All nonprofits must apply and meet eligibility requirements, but them knowing about us (and us, them!) is the first step.

Refer a nonprofit today or forward this email.

For more information, visit the website or contact Junelle Kroontje.