Employee Spotlight: Walking for Earth Month

Crossposted from King County Parks Plog

by Gabriel Avila-Mooney, DNRP Communications Specialist

Avila - grand-ridge-water-loop-opening

So normally, my preferred mode of movement is on two wheels, but being that it’s Earth Month and walking apparently doesn’t emit any carbon pollution, I decided to try out this whole walking thing. Not really to get anywhere, but you know, for my health. Turns out — it’s not so bad.

At first I was thinking someplace with dirt. But as it was my first time, I thought I’d keep the bar low. Someplace flat, but with direction. And nothing too technical. I didn’t want to be dodging anything: trees or branches, other people, dogs off their leashes, roots or piles of rocks, vermin or other larger wild animals.

I decided that one of King County Parks’ Regional Trails was just the ticket. I parked at Marymoor Park in Redmond, sliding into the spot backwards in case of a quick getaway. The parking lot looked good for walking, nice and flat, paved, but a bit too many cars.

It only took me a few seconds to locate the trail. It was wide and flat, perfect for a beginner like me. I reviewed my notes: “place one foot in front of another in a general direction”. Seemed easy enough. I mean, children do this, right?

After a couple of false starts, I was off. Wind blowing through my hair, arms pumping wildly, I inhaled the brisk, slightly damp morning air. This wasn’t so bad. I was doing it, it was Earth Month, and I was walking. Seriously, have you tried this?

There were a few other fellow “walkers” out there. I said hello, gestured madly at my moving feet, and said, “we’re walking, huh?!” They smiled but seemed less impressed than I was. Oh well, some people just take to things more naturally than others, I guess.

Whatever you have planned for Earth Month, I’d suggest doing it, but walk there, or just walk around in general. It’s great. Take it from me, I’m a walker now!