2019-2020 Proposed Budget and reorganization overview


Director Dwight Dively

Director Dwight Dively of the Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget has put together a short video of his points on the upcoming 2019-2020 Budget process.

“The County uses a biennial – or two-year – budget process, and our biennium starts Jan. 1 of each odd-numbered year,” said Dively. “The timeline for our budget process begins with getting budget proposals from departments by the end of June. The executive will then submit his budget proposal to council Sept. 24. The King County Council would then adopt a budget sometime in mid-Nov., and it would go into effect Jan. 1 of next year.”

One of the interesting features of the 2018-2019 budget is that Executive Constantine is going to propose three major reorganizations of agencies and budgets for King County.

“The first is that the executive has decided that Metro Transit needs to be its own department. Metro Transit is by far our largest function, it also serves the largest number of our residents, and the executive believes is needs to be a departmental-level organization. As part of that reorganization, we’re also going to be moving the Marine Division out of the Department of Transportation and combining it with Metro Transit.

“The second departmental change is to create a new Department of Local Services, which will provide services to residents of what we call the unincorporated area – or the area outside of cities. This will combine the Road Services Division from the Department of Transportation, and the Department of Permitting and Environmental Review. We’ll also add a few other functions from other county agencies to create a one-stop shop for residents of our unincorporated areas. As part of that transition, we’ll take two divisions out of the Department of Transportation – the airport and the Fleet Services Division – and move those to the Department of Executive Services.

“The third organizational change is to create a new Human Resources Department by elevating the existing Human Resources Division out of the Department of Executive Services and making it its own department. The county executive believes that human resources is a critical function across the entire government and deserves to be a cabinet-level department.”

For more information, visit the budget web page and watch this short video.

Dwight Dively YouTube screen grab