Chief Operating Officer visits King County International Airport

Chief Operating Officer Casey Sixkiller recently visited King County International Airport (KCIA) to meet with employees and learn more about the airport and some of the priorities they are working on.

coo KCIA

From left to right: Mark Witsoe, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Casey Sixkiller, Chief Operating Officer, Michael Colmant, Interim Director, Caroline Whalen, County Administrator, Harold Taniguchi, Director of Transportation, Charity Catalfomo, Interim Deputy Director, Ben Pritchard, Continuous Improvement Specialist, and Tricia Diamond, Program Manager

KCIA, also known as Boeing Field, is one of the nation’s busiest primary non-hub airports, averaging around 200,000 operations annually. In turn, 16,336 jobs are directly linked to Boeing Field and $1.8 billion in labor income, and its operations support $3.5 billion in local business sales.

“I was delighted to hear firsthand how our employees are working to provide customers a safe and consistent experience every time they use or visit King County International Airport,” Sixkiller said. “It was also great to learn about their efforts to advance the Executive’s vision for a Best-Run Government by utilizing lean principles to improve business operations and the customer and employee experiences.”

Sixkiller met with Michael Colmant, the Interim Director of King County International Airport, Charity Catalfomo, Interim Deputy Director, and staff who shared some of their department priorities, including facility expansions and local business collaborations. They also discussed new safety projects and their employee engagement efforts through their Investing in YOU work.

Since being named Chief Operating Officer by Executive Constantine in January, Sixkiller has been meeting employees and leaders at different worksites across King County, and he was grateful for the opportunity to meet with staff at KCIA.

“I want to thank the KCIA team for a warm welcome, informative briefing, and tour of the airfield,” Sixkiller said.