Featured Job: Rideshare Services Representative (Vanpool Accounting)

Closing: 07/26/18 11:59 p.m. (GMT -8:00)

Salary: $33.32 – $40.28 Hourly

Location: King Street Center, Seattle, WA

Job Type: Career Service, Full Time, 40 hrs/week

Department: Transportation – Transit Division

Job Number: 2018JI08333

vanpool-98Description: Metro Transit’s Rideshare Operations (RO) programs offer King County commuters ridesharing services consisting of several popular High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) transportation options beyond traditional fixed route transit service, including vanpools, vanshares and carpools. This position is one of a team of 5 Rideshare Services Representatives (Vanpool Accounting) in Rideshare Operations who manage the accounts of 1600 vanpools (each representative carries a workload of about 320 vanpools). There is long-term and frequent interaction with the vanpool riders who handle the payments.

Contact: For more information, contact Sr. HR Analyst Josh Isgur at 206-477-7641 or Josh.Isgur@KingCounty.gov.

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