An honest, open look at progress of our Equity and Social Justice Strategic Plan

Dear fellow King County employee,


King County Executive Dow Constantine

King County has just launched a new public reporting website for our Equity and Social Justice 2016-2022 Strategic Plan to help us monitor, track and share our work to advance equity and social justice in our community. Unlike most governments that use websites as a trophy case to highlight success and ignore challenges, we are offering a comprehensive, transparent view of our work.

I invite you to explore this new site; you will see that we are not tackling only the easy-to-fix problems and, consistent with that, we are being transparent and accountable about our real gaps and challenges that remain in moving our equity work forward.

You will see how we are investing in you – our dedicated employees – to tackle systemic barriers to opportunity and produce measurable outcomes that aim to make our organization more equitable and racially just.

This new reporting platform also highlights how we are investing upstream and where the needs are greatest, on areas such as open space equity, homelessness, immigration, and zero youth detention. This includes the ways we are investing in community partnerships.

We are taking bold action – working with our employees, communities and partners to do better tomorrow to achieve our vision of a King County where all people have equitable opportunities to achieve their full potential in life.


Dow Constantine
King County Executive