King County Whistleblower Protection Code 

King County encourages employees to report significant wrongdoing, called “improper governmental action,” so that problems can be identified and corrected. The Whistleblower Protection Code creates a reporting process for such improper governmental action (IGA), and aims to protect employees from retaliation for reporting or cooperating in an investigation of improper governmental action.

  • Employees with concerns about improper governmental action, including violations of laws, dangers to the public health or safety, or gross mismanagement or waste, are encouraged to report these concerns to their department head or the King County Office of the Ombuds. Reports to the Office of the Ombuds may be made anonymously or confidentially.
  • Employees who believe they have experienced retaliation for reporting IGA or cooperating in such an investigation should contact the Ombuds. Retaliation is defined as an unwarranted and adverse change in the employee’s employment status or terms and conditions of employment, and is prohibited if it is due to the employee’s IGA reporting. Employees who believe they might have experienced retaliation are encouraged to consult with the Ombuds Office before filing a complaint so that they may receive information and guidance about the complaint process. Employees have six months to report instances of retaliation.

For more information on the county’s Whistleblower Protection Code view the Whistleblower Protection Code Summary and the Whistleblower Protection Code, or contact the King County Office of the Ombuds at Dexter Horton Building, 710 Second Avenue, Suite 790, Seattle WA 98104, 206-477-1050 (voice | TTY) and