New website showcases your awards and successes 

King County’s work is receiving national recognition through awards, honors, and accreditations by outside organizations from across the United States, and a new website has been launched to showcase some of the services and programs that have received recognition.

These recognitions range from Best Large Transit System in North America to Wastewater Treatment Outstanding Performance Awards, and include accreditations that our programs have received and individual employees who have been recognized for their work. 

“The work that our employees are doing is being noticed on the national stage and we want to make sure that we are sharing these awards with our residents,” Gary Kurihara, Chief Performance Officer, said. “We have incredible employees who take great pride in their work, and these awards are an important piece of the culture of excellence that we are building here at King County.” 

Do you see an award or accreditation that is missing? Let us know. Email us at