Risk Management sets the pace for other governments to follow 

As part of our work to become a best-run government, King County is taking a new look at how we operate, and finding ways to do things better. “We’ve always done it this way” is no longer enough – especially as needs grow and resources shrink. 

Jennifer Hills, who leads the Office of Risk Management Services (ORMS), is one of those people who are helping the county examine policies and procedures through a new lens. Thanks to her team’s work, we now have an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program that encourages county agencies to acknowledge and embrace risk. As Jennifer says, “Balancing risks and opportunities is good – it allows us to take smart risks that add value to our organization.” 

King County’s work in this area is being recognized across the nation. Most recently CAM-I, the Consortium for Advanced Management International, awarded Jennifer for her work on risk and value management. Now, even the “other Washington” is looking to King County for best practices. AFERM, the Association for Federal Enterprise Risk Management, recently talked to Jennifer about our ERM program, how we’re embracing smart risk, and how these changes are helping King County better manage limited resources. Listen to the podcast here.