Are you a woman in tech? We want your thoughts! 

The King County Information Technology Equity and Social Justice team will celebrate Women in Technology in March, and are seeking the feedback of employees who are women in tech around King County. If that is you, please briefly answer the following questions and email your answers to Elaine Porterfield at by Feb. 25. Please feel free to share this request with other women throughout the county who also work in technology. Thank you in advance for your participation! 

  • What led you to a career in Information technology? 
  • What role could technology play in addressing Equity & Social Justice issues? 
  • What would gender equity look like in technology? 
  • King County leads with racial justice. Reflect on racial-gender equity in technology. 
  • What contributions have you made in addressing Equity & Social Justice in King County?  
  • Tell us about any changes at King County that have happened as a result of our focus on Equity & Social Justice.