Please join us in the Annual Giving Drive

Dear Fellow King County Employee and Giving Partner,

We want to share something amazing about our Employee Giving Program – thanks to the generosity of the people who work here, we celebrate having raised more than $32 million since our program began in 1988. 

What does that mean for our community? It means numerous children have learned to read. It means countless seniors at risk for hunger have eaten hot, nourishing meals. It means increasing numbers of animals have gone to live in their forever homes. And it means researchers have achieved groundbreaking results to advance medicine.

The theme for this year’s Annual Giving Drive is a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “The time is always right to do the right thing.”

Today, and every day, our shared passion shines throughout the King County Employee Giving Program. The program supports you in all the ways you give with year-round options and resources, including volunteering.

We invite you to join us in this year’s Annual Giving Drive both by taking action on behalf of a cause important to you and by sharing your giving story. With so many ways to give and nearly 1,200 nonprofit organizations, you can participate in numerous ways.

From now through November 22, go online or use a paper form to pledge to your favorite Employee Giving Program nonprofits through:

  • Payroll Donation: Choice of onetime, once per month, or twice per month deductions.
  • Time Donation: Eligible vacation or comp time. See your department’s lead ambassador for details.
  • Check: Made out directly to a nonprofit.
  • Sick Leave for Volunteer Service: Eligible employees may use up to three sick days per calendar year to volunteer at an Employee Giving Program nonprofit or local school.
  • Credit Card: Support your coworkers at special events!

Every individual contribution matters in helping our diverse community thrive. Just $5 per pay period can make a genuine difference to people, animals, and our environment. Learn more at

We are both huge fans of the Employee Giving Program, and we invite you to join us!

Your 2019 Annual Giving Drive Honorary Co-Chairs,