You can make a difference through the Annual Giving Drive

King County Executive Dow Constantine

Dear fellow King County employee,

The Annual Giving Drive brings King County employees together to advance education, provide clean water to villages all over the globe, expand access to safe, warm shelter, and buy food for some of the 1 in 6 Americans that struggle with hunger.

It’s also an opportunity to help those impacted by natural disasters, here at home and around the world. The 2019 hurricane season devastated communities in the Caribbean and the southeastern United States, with Hurricane Dorian causing severe damage and loss of life in the Bahamas, and Tropical Storm Imelda causing catastrophic flooding in Texas; wildfires continue to rage across California.

Hundreds of employees have already participated in this year’s drive through special events, donated food, and volunteering. What’s more, we have already pledged $640,576 and are on the way to our countywide goal of $2.1 million. Your generosity makes a difference for so many people.

Our 2019 Annual Giving Drive runs through Friday, Nov. 22, and provides several options  to support the people and communities impacted by these natural disasters, as well as countless causes that are important to each of us. You may do so online or with a paper form.

  • Payroll Donation – One time, once a month, or twice a month.
  • Time Donation – Up to three nonprofit organizations.
  • Credit Cards and e-Checks – on the online storefront.
  • Special Events – Raise awareness and money for a particular cause.
  • Volunteer – Eligible employees may take up to three sick days a year to volunteer.

Whatever is important to you, when we give together, we can amplify the good we do. If you have any questions, ask your work site Ambassador or reach out to the Employee Giving Program at

Thank you for all you do, both here and outside of work, to help our community and communities around the world thrive.





Dow Constantine
King County Executive