Consider donating to natural disaster causes in Annual Giving Drive

The 2019 hurricane season has been devastating on communities in the Caribbean and the southeastern United States, with Hurricane Dorian causing severe damage and loss of life in the Bahamas, and Tropical Storm Imelda causing catastrophic flooding in Texas. California has been hit hard by wildfires.

Next week is the last week to take part in the Annual Giving Drive, and there are several options to support the people and communities impacted by these events:

  • Payroll Donation – One time, once a month, or twice month.
  • Time Donation – Up to three nonprofit organizations.
  • Check – Made directly out to the nonprofit.
  • Special Events – To raise money for a particular cause.

To designate a gift in support of a Natural Disaster relief effort, simply choose a charity that is responding and write/enter the four digit code. In the designation section of the form – choose “In Honor Of” and type in the name of the disaster. You can see a list of nonprofits responding to Hurricane Dorian on our Disaster Giving page.

Click here to make a pledge online through PeopleSoft. If you have already made your pledge and would like to make an additional donation, you must submit a paper pledge form with the “additional” box checked at the top of the form. You cannot make an additional online pledge if you have already pledged online. Click here to make a pledge with a paper form.

Events such as these are a reminder that we all need to be ready to care for ourselves and loved ones in the event of disaster. Please visit to see what you can do to prepare yourself and your family for a disaster.