Important news about face-to-face customer service and travel restrictions

To slow the spread of COVID-19, King County will close many face-to-face customer service operations from Monday, March 16, through at least Friday, March 27. Please see the affected services at

Employees are expected to report to work as normal unless they have a prior arrangement to telecommute or take leave. Employees will continue to provide services by phone, online, and by email wherever possible. Supervisors, managers, and leaders will provide additional information to their employees as needed.

Telecommuting: Per prior guidance, employees who can telecommute are expected to telecommute where their work allows for it. Managers and supervisors should work with their employees to permit telecommuting wherever possible, and be creative in helping to maximize telecommuting. Employees must receive the approval of their supervisors before beginning telecommuting. Employees are permitted to telecommute with children in the home. The expectation of productive work remains. Please find telecommute resources here and submit a signed telecommute agreement to your supervisor. You can also get KCIT guidance here on the necessary technology tools (SharePoint).

Travel: All non-essential work-related travel for all Executive Branch employees must be canceled and will not be approved between Saturday, March 14, through Friday, April 24, 2020. This includes previously approved travel. Essential Travel is travel required to support critical life, health, and safety functions and cannot be delayed or handle remotely. Exceptions will be rare and must be approved by your department director and the Chief People Officer Whitney Abrams. The situation is evolving and subject to change. (Note: this applies to Executive Branch employees. Employees in separately elected agencies will receive guidance from their leaders).

This is a rapidly evolving event. Thank you for everything you are doing to adapt and respond to COVID-19. We know this has been a difficult time, and we appreciate your support in helping to manage the outbreak while continuing to provide services to the people of King County.