Managing records while telecommuting 

As King County continues to respond to COVID-19, many employees are telecommuting and working from home. With this shift in work style comes different duties and tasks, including the opportunity to manage and clean out records. This can include tasks such as filing records to Content Manager, and cleaning up records in Outlook or on shared drives.  

This work is an essential job duty that can easily be done when employees are out of office, and it serves significantly useful purposes in responding to public records requests, reducing financial liability, and helping each employee do their job more efficiently. To get started, consider taking an online training course, beginning with Basic Records Management and Content Manager courses. A guiding list for managing records while teleworking can be viewed here. 

“Although records management should be a part of every employee’s daily work, telecommuting offers a great opportunity to manage our records”, said Ryan Wadleigh, Content Manager Business Analyst with the Records Management Program. 

For more information and to learn how to get started, visit the Records Management Program website and view the guide for managing records while teleworkingPlease find telecommute resources here and submit a signed telecommute agreement to your supervisor if applicable. Employees can also get KCIT guidance here on the necessary technology tools (SharePoint).