Reminder of guidance for employees during COVID-19

Yesterday, Gov. Jay Inslee announced an extension of his “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” emergency order through May 4, extending the ban on all gatherings and temporarily shuttering non-essential businesses. King County’s guidance remains the same for employees:

  • First Responders and Mission-Critical Employees are classified as “critical government workers” for the purposes of the Governor’s Order, and accordingly are expected to continue to report to work in person or telework per existing arrangements. Departments can change employee designations as needed, and must inform employees accordingly.
  • Under King County’s Temporary Leave and Telecommuting Policy, First Responders “have the highest duty to report to work as directed in emergency conditions,” and Mission-Critical Employees “must be available to perform their duties as determined by their agency management.” This is as important as ever during our COVID-19 response.
  • All other employeesmust continue to telecommute where their work allows for it, with supervisor approval. Managers and supervisors must work with their employees to permit telecommuting wherever possible and be creative to maximize telecommuting. Employees are permitted to telecommute with children in the home. The expectation of productive work remains. Please find telecommute resources here and submit a signed telecommute agreement to your supervisor. You can also get KCIT guidance here on the necessary technology tools (SharePoint). Please note that this guidance does not apply to employees designated as first responders and mission-critical employees. 
  • King County’s Temporary Leave and Telecommuting Policy, which applies to Executive Branch employees, sets out procedures for leave usage during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Additional guidance will provided as needed. This guidance applies to Executive Branch employees. Employees in other branches of County government will receive guidance from their leaders [definitions below):

Executive Branch departments: Department of Assessments, Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention, Department of Executive Services, Department of Community and Human Services, Department of Human Resources, Department of Judicial Administration, Department of Local Services, Department of Metro Transit, Department of Natural Resources and Park, Department of Public Defense, Department of Public Health, Executive Department, King County Elections, King County Information Technology (KCIT), King County Sheriff’s Office (The King County Sheriff’s Office is administered by the King County Sheriff).

Other branches of County government: District Court, King County Council, Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Superior Court.