Emergency Deployment Program has immediate need for temporary assignment  

help-2478193As King County continues to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19), there is an immediate need to fill emergency-related roles through temporary assignment. This program has been created to address an urgent need for employees to be deployed to 50 known vacant positions. This number grows every day as programs grow or change. These deployments are intended to last for one to three months and are full-time positions. This includes managers and administrative staff.

Most roles do not have patient contact, and those that do will have that information communicated before the assignment begins, as well as receive appropriate training.

If you are a King County employee interested in one these roles, and have capacity to help, please follow these instructions:

  1. Receive permission from your supervisor to apply for this redeployment, and
  2. Understand deployments are for a minimum of one week in duration and may be at a location that is a COVID response site, and
  3. Once approved, email the Employee Questionnaire to EmergencyStaffing@kingcounty.gov and CC your supervisor.

For questions or for more information, contact EmergencyStaffing@kingcounty.gov. Learn more at www.kingcounty.gov/emergency-deployment.