Extension of mandatory telecommuting through Sept. 7

Dear fellow King County employee,

For almost three months, we have been working together to stop the spread of COVID-19. By maintaining social distancing, changing the way we deliver services, telecommuting wherever possible, implementing measures to keep front line staff safer, practicing good hygiene and, now, wearing cloth face masks, we have helped to flatten the curve in King County and save countless lives.

These changes haven’t always been easy, and I am grateful for your willingness to adapt and embrace these new and necessary precautions in the interest of our community and colleagues.

We have learned much during this pandemic about our ability to step up and respond to a crisis over a long period of time, how we can serve customers remotely while ensuring they get what they need from us, and how we can remain effective, engaged, and productive while working from home.

Some services are gradually returning to in-person delivery with new precautions to make the workplace safer. Other operations may require employees who are currently teleworking to return to the workplace in the coming weeks where there is an operational need, again with increased safety measures. Our first responders and mission-critical employees continue to do remarkable work under challenging circumstances. I thank you for your efforts.

We have made a big difference in the spread of the virus, but we need to remain vigilant if we are to slow it further. That is why I am extending mandatory telecommuting through September 7, 2020, for all Executive Branch employees who are currently telecommuting, except where there is an operational need to physically return to the workplace. Employees in other branches of County government may receive additional guidance from their leaders. Please see the full guidance and definitions here.

If you are currently telecommuting, remember that we have created a telework web portal with a range of resources to help you continue to be successful while working remotely. There are some elements of our work that are difficult to replicate remotely, and I appreciate the extensive work that has been done to maximize our effectiveness outside of the workplace. In the process, we are building on what we have learned during our COVID-19 response to be even more effective in our work in the future.

I am a firm believer in public service and the critical nature of our work, and the importance of our work has never been more evident than during this pandemic. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our community. Please take care of yourself, your loved ones, and one another.


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Dow Constantine

King County Executive